We're excited to announce Moov2 has joined the Etch Group and become Etch Play. Our mission and commitment to our clients will remain the same and we look forward to seeing what we can achieve with our new colleagues. Full details »

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  • We're a humble team of designers and developers passionate about creating great products and experiences with our clients.

What we do

We develop HTML5 web sites and native mobile apps for iOS, Android and Windows. But we can also help with how this fits into your wider digital strategy with a deep understanding of online marketing, social and community.

Who we work with

We've had the privilege to work with some of the biggest brands in the video game industry including Microsoft Studios, Supermassive Games and Hello Games. We also have a long history in enterprise delivering large-scale solutions for brands including Hasbro, Mars and Barclays.

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  • From initial discussions to final rollout Moov2 were a pleasure to work with. All of us at Supermassive Games are delighted with the new site.
    • Photograph of Greg Howson
    • Greg Howson
      Director of Communications
      Supermassive Games

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Why we're good

We've been doing this stuff for a long time (comparatively at least). Founded in 2003 we've seen a lot of changes in the digital industry, we've made a point of consistently learning and refining our approach. To us, the small details matter. Whether that's a subtle UI animation or optimising a build and deployment process. We're insatiable in our quest to deliver better work and every project we tackle has to be an improvement on the last.

Why video games?

We've worked in many sectors and have projects we're proud of across finance, manufacturing, education and healthcare to name a few. However, we've found our calling in games. The measure of success going beyond financial reward has a huge impact on fulfilment and a focus on delivering fun and enjoyment is something we are committed to contributing to.

Our motley crew

Dan Thomas


Photograph of Dan Thomas

Andrea Thomas


Photograph of Andrea Thomas

Peter Keating


Photograph of Peter Keating

Lawrence Dine


Photograph of Lawrence Dine

Ben Gammon


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Joe Berkley


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Mobin Zadeh Kochak


Photograph of Mobin Zadeh Kochak

Ben Joy

Head of Client Services

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Our events

At Moov2 we’re big fans of community, openness and bringing like-minded people together for fun and valuable events. This has involved us working closely with Microsoft on Kinecthack and re:cognition, as well as our own series of Rocket Jump Events organised for the video games community.

re:cognition hack - London

Mobin and Pete at Recognition event

Rocket Jump Events

Photograph of rocketjump event in Bournemouth

Kinecthack - London

Kinecthack Event in London