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  • Every now and then we put together our thoughts on the things we're passionate about. Events we've been to, new technologies or our latest gadgets...

    • Understanding calls to action

      03.09.18 | Danthomas

      A call to action (or CTA) is a prompt (typically a button or link) to lead users to a desired next step on a website/product/content journey. Whilst a simple concept, it's easy to inadvertently diminish the effectiveness of a CTA or even completely forget to include one. We've compiled some easy to follow tips for considering CTAs for video game websites.

    • Tabletop Time

      05.09.17 | Danthomas

      With a recent client win, we decided to smack the heads of the Moov2 team together to provide you a list of some of the board games that we absolutely love.

    • Gamescom 2017 Preview

      18.08.17 | Danthomas

      Gamescom is back. The biggest event in the European gaming calendar - Here are our top tips for things to look out for (and to do) when you’re out at the show.

    • Online Productivity Tools

      15.08.17 | Benjoy

      Some recommendations of tools we use that could help your business work more effectively.

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