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Rocket Jump Events: Brighton

Published on 26th November 2015. Written by Ben

1 host, 4 speakers, 18 local showcases and over 100 attendees.

The first ever Rocket Jump Event took place at Komedia in Brighton on the 24th November. There were two parts to the evening: a showcase, followed by talks from established games industry professionals. The showcase provided the attending organisations with space to show off their latest projects and the talks allowed all attendees to level up with some expert knowledge sharing.

Jordan Erica Webber
Jordan was a fantastic host and did a great job introducing speakers.

Our host for the evening, Jordan Erica Webber, games journalist for the Guardian, did a great job of introducing the speakers, keeping things on time and the audience entertained throughout the evening.

Another feature of the event was the local showcase where we invited games studios and other relevant businesses from the area to come and show off their latest projects.

View the full Brighton showcase listing.


  • Procedural Audio

    Adam Hay, Sound Designer for The Chinese Room, got the ball rolling with a look into the techniques he used to bring procedural audio to the critically acclaimed game Everybody's Gone To The Rapture by The Chinese Room.

  • Merchandising in video games

    Entrepreneur Neil Cocker shared his knowledge of merchandising in the music industry with us and encouraged game devs to consider adopting some of the techniques to generate additional revenue streams for their products.

  • Narrative design for VR/AR

    Game writer and narrative designer Rob Morgan delivered a phenomenal talk offering great insight into narrative considerations and their impact on immersion within Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality experiences.

  • 8 things I've learned...

    Our final speaker was Dan Pinchbeck, Creative Director at The Chinese Room. Dan delievered an extremely informative and powerful talk highlighting some key lessons learned from this long tenure within the games industry.


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