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Sources of Inspiration

Published on 7th August 2017. Written by Mobin

Getting inspired is important for anyone in a creative industry. If you can look to someone or something else to help you come up with ideas, then you’ll usually generate that all important creative energy that will – eventually – lead to you making something meaningful.

That’s no different at Moov2 HQ. But with so many different people in the team working on everything from creating business leads, building sites and apps and dreaming up the designs behind them, we all have different sources of inspiration.

So, to share with you a little insight into our creative process, here are just some of the places that our team goes to when looking for killer ideas.


Github logo

Libraries remain great things. Ok, maybe the physical library packed full of books has had its day in the digital age. But the concept of a place where knowledge can be stored, withdrawn and then applied elsewhere has survived the transition to the internet age.

This is exactly what has happened in the case of Github. If you’ve not heard of it before – which is reasonably likely if you’re outside of development circles – it’s an open source repository that allows people to host and review code. This allows developers to freely share code they have worked on with one another, spreading the love around and providing an excellent starting point for projects.

This is a massive help to me, as a back end developer. Open source projects inspires any developer to achieve a better code quicker and allow others to reuse the same code to solve a problem. So if you’re an experienced developer or someone learning the ropes, Github is the library that you’re looking for.

Check out GitHub

Travis Neilson's Dev Tips

Travis Neilson's youtube image

Sometimes, the best way to get inspired is to learn from the best in the business. And one of the biggest advantages of living in the digital age is the fact that many of those people share their wisdom online.

Travis Neilson is one of those people. He’s currently employed as a designer at Google, but he also hosts his own podcast and runs a YouTube channel called DevTips. On there, he provides advice on all sorts of topics ranging from dealing with particular development problems, how to get a job in the industry and tutorials to help you get your head around problems.

One of our designers, Jack, recommends Travis’s work wholeheartedly. “Although he has now decided to take a step back from his YouTube channel, there is a lengthy archive of content for those who are considered beginners all the way to masters of website design and development!”

Check out Travis Neilson

Hanno Playbook

Hanno Logo

Inspiration can often seem pretty far divorced from methodology. There’s something about the idea of things like planning, closely following steps and adhering to guidelines that sounds restrictive.  

Instead, the best way to free your creativity is to actually impose some well thought out guidelines., a product design team, show this brilliantly on their site. They outline in detail the way they deal with particular problems in their day-to-day working lives and this provides fantastic guidance for anyone who reads their work.

Our Head of Client Services, Ben J, checked the site out after fellow Moov2er, Pete, tipped him off about it - "These guys write really interesting information on how they handle projects and offer good insight on how to deal with common agency challenges."

And while it might not sound like much, it shows that there is always room for a little bit of method when hunting for some creative madness.

Check out the Hanno Playbook


SuperCoolCast Logo

To round things off, we thought we’d provide an example of how inspiration can be found amongst the people you work with.  

Moov2 worked with Supercoolcast’s host Lauran Carter to build the website that hosts her monthly interview podcast and head honcho Dan is a regular listener. The reason? They’re a great way to learn about the way the games industry actually works.

“These monthly interviews with games industry professionals are a perfect inspiration for us to better empathise with our clients. Learning about the backgrounds, careers and stories of people in the games industry highlights the challenges and opportunities faced in the world of game development.”

This is obviously pretty handy for a company like ours that’s immersed in the industry. But the podcast is also a great place to go for anyone on the lookout for inspiring stories to get them through the day.

Check out SuperCoolCast

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