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Hello Games

Website design and build for No Man's Sky.

No Man's Sky

  • Hello Games

    Hello Games are an independent video games studio founded in 2008 by a small team of developers with heritage at some of the UK's top studios. Their first title Joe Danger and sequel Joe Danger 2: The Movie were well received hits. Recently this has been eclipsed by the phenomenally successful No Man's Sky.

  • NMS PS4 box cover

  • Foundation Update Cover screenshot
  • No Man's Sky

    After a successful launch, the team at Hello Games refused to rest and continued to develop the title resulting in a significant update to the game. Just a few months after launch they were ready to deliver the update dubbed the Foundation Update. Such a massive update deserved an appropriate platform on which to be announced, which is when Moov2 came on board and created a website landing page for the announcement.

  • Website rebuild

    Following on from the success of the foundation update, the team at Hello Games continued development towards the next significant update whilst Moov2 worked on redeveloping the rest of the website. The new site was launched alongside the Pathfinder Update, another well-received addition to the game.

  • NMS Game Vehicle

  • NMS Pathfinder Update Base Image
  • NMS Pathfinder Update Vehicle Image


We worked closely with the design and comms teams at Hello Games resulting in an extremely fulfilling collaboration. Access to the creative minds of the amazing art team and working with in game assets enabled a visually striking design that compliments the games aesthetic. Input from the Moov2 design team ensured a considered information architecture and navigation, strong content hierarchy and optimised mobile experience.

No Man's Sky - Low Fidelity Mobile Mockups

Mobile-first wireframes produced to ensure strong hierachy of content and IA.

No Man's Sky - High Fidelity Screens

High fidelity browser implementation produced from pattern library components.

No Man's Sky - Foundation Update website screenshot

NMS Pathfinder Update Image of Vehicle
  • Wordpress Logo
  • Legacy integration

    The existing No Man's Sky website was developed as a hybrid WordPress CMS with some static html resources. It was decided to maintain the WordPress platform as this was familiar to the team and contain a wealth of valuable exisitng content.

    The solution delivered was a new WordPress theme with accompanying Pattern Library and necessary features to include the previously separate static resrouces. This enabled a seamless upgrade from the existing site whilst maintaining familiarity to those responsible for the content and also offering new visual capabilities via the pattern library implementation.

  • Pattern Library

    For all of our website projects, we produce a pattern library and style guide. This is a collection of reusable visual components that can be used to collate the site content. Utilising a pattern library over a set of individually designed pages ensures a more consistent and flexible presentation of content. This also helps ensure that content prepared by the content management system users will adhere to the technical requirements necessary to deliver a responsive website that performs on all size devices from mobile phones to large desktop monitors.

  • Screenshot of NMS Pattern Library

  • NMS Pathfinder Update screenshot of vehicle in game
  • NMS Pathfinder Update screenshot of vehicle in game 2

Scalable platform

For such a small team, No Man's Sky has become a phenomenally popular title both in terms of copies of the game sold and the amount of media coverage it has received. Because of this we knew there would be significant demand on the site when new news about the game or updates is shared. We leveraged Microsoft's Azure cloud services to host the site on a scalable, robust environment. Leveraging storage services for static assets such as images alongside CDN for performant localised loading offset a lot of the load onto appropriate services. We also leveraged Redis caching services to further reduce load and improve performance of the site. Utilising this infrastructure the site has been able to hold up to the demands of the title's significant audience.

NMS screenshot of gameplay
  • As a client of Moov2, I've had the pleasure of working on various projects across two seperate game studios. Great communication, creative and smart design and a can do approach to tough challenges. Would definitely recommend working with Moov2 on any web design/development challenges.
    • Photograph of Chris Hohbein
    • Chris Hohbein
      Communications Manager
      Hello Games

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