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LoL Compare

What is LoL Compare?

LoLCompare is an unofficial cross platform app for iOS, Android and Windows Phones that lets you to track your League of Legends (commonly referred to as LoL) performance. Riot Games publish an API of game data which we used to bring into the LoLCompare app and allow players to compare their recent performance against other players. 

We’re convinced the use of web and mobile can offer enhanced, extended experiences to users and wanted to prove that with a companion app for hugely popular Esports title League of Legends.

  • Design

  • On all devices the app follows a consistent design and structure but each version has it’s own unique user experience tailored for the specific platform.

How does it work?


The apps use the LoL API provided by Riot Games integrated with a bespoke caching system to give significant performance improvements.

Your recent games

Review your recent performance, check the outcome, chosen load outs and abilities used to work out your most deadly build.

Compare yourself with any LoL player

Curate a list of your friends (and foes) to see how you're stacking up. We calculate average performances for your latest 10 games and compare on key categories.

Native development

The apps have been developed natively to provide better user experience and higher performance using Xcode for iOS, Android Studio for Android and Visual Studio for the Windows Phone app.