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Microsoft Studios

Website design and build for Fable Legends.

Fable Legends

  • Lionhead Studios

    Lionhead were one of Microsoft Studios most prolific game development studios. Based in Guildford, UK Lionhead have an extremely long legacy within the videogames industry and has been home to many of the industries most significant contributors. Sadly in 2016 Microsoft took the decision to close the studio but for the preceding two years Moov2 were privileged to work with them as their development partner to build the website for their debut Xbox One title, Fable Legends.

  • Fable Legends cover art

To Excite And Inform

During the early announcement phase of the game development, the main objective of the website was to excite and inform Lionhead's huge global audience.

To do so we made use of the latest HTML5 technologies such as video, audio and CSS animations to provide an immersive experience supportive of the games own style and setting..

  • Animation and audio

    The Fable series is known for it's quintessentially British humour, we used animation and audio provided by the phenomenal game artists and sound engineers to incorporate this aspect into an interactive character discovery experience.


Extensive use of HTML5 video was made throughout the site from backgrounds to full frame video experiences with complimentary prompts and queue points offering further information.


Lionhead knew that mobile had to be considered a first class citizen in order to best represent their “next gen” title so the website was developed to offer a full experience on any modern device.

Fable Legends website mobile screens

Content management

The website had to cater for content manageability as new details about the game were going to be released frequently. We built the site using the Orchard framework which afforded the great levels of customisation that were required. Custom modules were developed to facilitate many of the sites features including character animations, video backgrounds and social Facebook/Twitter feeds.

  • Fable Legends screenshot
  • Fable Legends screenshot

  • E3 announcement

    The Fable Legends website was announced alongside the first gameplay footage during the 2014 E3 keynote talk.

    E3 is the world's premier trade show for computer and video games and related products" - Find out more about E3.

  • Huge exposure

    In addition to offering details of the game, the site also had to facilitate a beta sign up process where gamers could register their interest in becoming an early beta tester of the game. This is a desirable proposition and announcing at such a large event would mean the site would likely receive a large volume of traffic in a short space of time.

  • Azure cloud hosting

    With this in mind, Lionhead had opted to host the site on Microsoft's Azure platform which could be scaled up to suit the expected capacity. This infrastructure coupled with some effective use of Orchard's Azure integration allowed the website to stand up to the huge demand users placed on it.

  • Moov2 has proven to be an excellent partner for us at Lionhead in creating and continuously evolving our web presence for Fable Legends.
    • Photograph of Emmi Kuusikko
    • Emmi Kuusikko
      Head of Strategy and Business Management
      Lionhead Studios

Community events

Moov2 have had a long affiliation with the Microsoft UK developer experience team and have collaborated on several community events.

  • Photo of Kineckthack event


    With a keen interest in new methods of user interaction and after some early experimentation with Microsoft’s gesture recognition device Kinect. We approached Microsoft to enquire if there were any Kinect based events lined up for the UK and if not could we be considered for running one. They loved the idea and the concept for Kinecthack London was born. A weekend long hack event where teams developed new and innovative ideas based on the capabilities of the then new Kinect 2 for Windows.

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  • Recognition event logo


    After the success of 2015’s Kinecthack, Microsoft collaborated with Moov2 again to run re:cognition a hack weekend focused on Microsoft’s Cognitive Services APIs and new Windows 10 features. The event was held at Microsoft UKs new London offices at Paddington and saw almost 20 teams of hackers working for 36 hours creating some amazing projects.

    Watch the event video